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Atlantic puffin protection in the Channel Islands

Alderney Wildlife Trust, working on behalf of the States of Alderney, works with various sectors of maritime activity as pleasure boating. Their aim is to provide the puffins with a safe area, “Puffin Friendly Zone”, to rest. The Atlantic puffin is currently listed as an endangered species in Europe.

This zone located off Burhou (island to the North-West of Alderney).

During the breeding season, from March to August, users of the sea are recommended not to enter the Friendly zone and to reduce vessel speed and any noise nearby Burhou island.

See the map and press release : 2019_pfzpostera4_final_pdf.pdf

Le port fait son cinéma

Le port de Cherbourg accueille l’équipe de tournage du prochain film d’Emmanuel Carrère « le quai de Ouistreham » avec Juliette Binoche. Quelques scènes sont tournées sur le port entre le 25 et le 29 mars.

Preparation for "Brexit"

The United Kingdom leaving the European Union will create restrictions concerning the importation of products from third party countries :
  • The return of Customs for tax and tax refund operations,
  • Extra border Police missions concerning documentary checks of British nationals,
  • Establishment of veterinary and phytosanitary services for the control of live animals, animal food, human food and plants.

In order to integrate these restrictions during a vessels call, the Port de Cherbourg SAS must carry out a lot of work to facilitate the flow of vehicles.

The particularity of the Port of Cherbourg which simultaneously hosts ships from Ireland, thus free trade, and also British traffic subject to the obligations of BREXIT, complicates the organisation even more.

For all of these restrictions many meetings began several months ago with the different administrations, Ministries, Region and the city of Cherbourg.
Following these meetings it was proven necessary to urgently carry out substantial work in the port, in order to best meet the obligations imposed by BREXIT.
For logistical and financial reasons, some of these works have been divided into several phases, only a transitional phase will be carried out initially.

The main works consist of :
  • The development of cross-Channel traffic flows, tourist vehicles, freight vehicles, passengers
  • import and export, integrating the Irish and British.
  • This work, which includes the dismantling of the flyover, which started 15 days ago and is scheduled to finish at the end of June, the work is funded by the “Ports de Normandie” and the “ Port de Cherbourg SAS”
  • The development of the Ferry terminal to accommodate the Border Police,
  • The destruction of the premises that housed the administrative services of Port de Cherbourg SAS to create spaces dedicated to customs controls (creation of IST),
  • The creation of temporary SIVEP border posts : different control areas will be created to allow veterinary and phytosanitary inspections of imported food and animals
  • The management of freight forwarders.

The work is estimated at 3.95M Euros, in the first phase.

Best Wishes 2019

Port de Cherbourg wishes you its best wishes for 2019

Accueil du W.B. Yeats

Le W.B. Yeats a effectué avec succès ses essais techniques le 18 décembre dernier.
Il débutera son activité commerciale entre Cherbourg et Dublin à partir du 15 mars prochain.

Déménagement des services administratifs de Port de Cherbourg SAS

Les bureaux des services Direction Générale et Exploitation se trouvent désormais au 1er étage de la gare transmanche.